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Appendix A - Site Photographs

Photographs 1 and 2

Railroad track through CSSA


Example of WPA projects conducted on CSSA

Photographs 3 and 4

World War II training facilities located in southeast section of CSSA


Blank Ranch House foundation located in north pasture

Photographs 5 and 6

Current pesticide storage building


I-1, In-active incinerator building

Photographs 7 and 8

B-1, powder and ammunition burn area


Small arms ammunition burning area, B-2

Photographs 9 and 10

One of two trenches within B-2


B-7, Fired small arms ammunition brass area

Photographs 11 and 12

B-8, Fired small arms ammunition brass area


B-12, Landfill area for scrap metal and weapons

Photographs 13 and 14

B-12, Hill behind F-14


B-15, Landfill area for target vehicles and weapon mounts

Photographs 15 and 16

B-16, Landfill for target vehicles and weapon mounts (one of two trenches)


B-16, Landfill for target vehicles and weapon mounts (one of two trenches)

Photographs 17 and 18

B-20, large demolition area in north pasture


Drums found in B-20 area, north pasture

Photographs 19 and 20

B-21,disposal area for small arms ammunition containing shells, projectiles, and sand


B-23, trench area where green canisters where discovered

Photographs 21 and 22

B-29, old quarry area where various solid waste and nickel penetrate is present


B-28, trench area west of oxidation pond

Photographs 23 and 24

I-1, transformers stored in in-active building 294


Building 43, ammunition demolition facility near oxidation pond

Photographs 25 and 26

Disposal area behind Building 43


Coal bins located by headquarters building

Photographs 27 and 28

O-1, oxidation pond area


Hazardous materials process vats in building 90, fingerprint removal line

Photographs 29 and 30

New hazardous materials process vat in building 90, vapor degreaser (left), solvent tank (right)


Parallel Imhoff tanks at wastewater treatment plant

Photographs 31 and 32

Trickling filter at wastewater treatment plant


Broken outlet pipe from solids tank to leach field near building 45

Photographs 33 and 34

Broken, abandoned pipe carrying sewage approximately 300 yards downstream of motor pool leach field


Motor pool service pit which drains to ground

Photographs 35 and 36

Sump next to incinerator 1 which drains to creek


Well number 11

Photographs 37 and 38

Cave located in northwest quadrant of inner cantonment area


Administration/Headquarters building for CSSA