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SWMU B-20 former OB/OD Area, view facing northeast from southwest corner of site.

Sifted soil piles in the distance - January 1999

Site Status: Active Range


Description in Current Conditions Report (July 1999)


Aerial Photograph

Additional Site Photographs

Plans (Volume 1-2 and Volume 1-4)

Partial Facility Closure Plan (March 1994)

Amendment to Project Plans (September 1995)

Amendment to Project Plans (December 1995)

RL33 RFI Work Plan (March 1998)

Waste Analysis Plan (September 1998)

RL83 Interim Measures Work Plan (August 1999)

RL33 Work Plan Amendment for Data Quality Rework (May 2000)

Investigation Reports (Volume 3-1)

List of Relevant Previous Investigation Reports

Remedial Investigation Report (June 1995)

Addendum to Remedial Investigation Report (June 1996)

RCRA Facility Investigation Report (July 2002)


Table B20/21-1  Summary of Sifted Soil Analytical Program

Table B20/21-2  Summary of Chemical Constituents Detected in Sifted Soil (March 2000)

Table B20/21-3  Summary of Metals Levels above Background in Sifted Soil

Table B20/21-4  Summary of Chemical Constituents Detected in Subsurface Soils (March 2000)

Boring Logs

B20-SB1 (December 1994)

B20-SB2 (December 1994)

B20-SB3 (December 1994)

B20-SB4 (December 1994)

B20-SB5 (December 1994)

B20-SB6 (December 1994)

B20-SB7 (December 1994)

B20-SB8 (December 1994)

B20-SB9 (December 1994)

B20-SB10 (December 1994)

Treatment Technologies (Volume 4)

Preliminary Evaluation of Remedial Alternatives (June 1996)

Soil Washing Treatability Study Report (May 2000)

Stabilization Treatability Study Report (May 2000)

Phytoremediation Treatability Study Report (May 2001)