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Environmental Assessment

Section 6 - Summary of Recommendations

In section 4, numerous recommendations, developed during the course of this EA, were suggested for mitigating the environmental consequences of CSSA's operations and for meeting regulatory requirements.  The tables in this section summarize those recommendations.  Each table presents recommendations for one of the environmental areas reviewed in the EA, listing the environmental issue of concern, the regulation or law which applies to that issue, and the recommended action.

The information presented in these tables will assist CSSA in developing priorities for actions to be taken.  The actions to be taken in the near future should depend on the level of funding available to CSSA and the problems with the greatest potential for environmental consequences.

Table 9:  Soil Recommendations

Table 10:  Surface Water and Groundwater Recommendations

Table 11: Biological Resources Recommendations

Table 12:  Land Use Recommendations

Table 13:  Cultural Resources Recommendations

Table 14:  Waste Management Recommendations

Table 15:  Storage Tank Recommendations

Table 16:  Asbestos Recommendations

Table 17:  Air Quality Recommendations

Table 18:  Noise Recommendations

Table 19:  Utilities Recommendations