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Environmental Assessment

Table 11 - Biological Resources Recommendations




Natural resources

AR 420-74

AR 200-1

ESA, 1973 (amended 1982, 1987)

Legacy Resource Management Program (Congress 1991)

Prepare an Installation Natural Resources Management Plan as required by AR 420-74 to set achievable long-term goals, objectives, and strategies for sustainable management.  The plan should be compatible with the military mission of the site, and with its livestock research and hunting recreation program objectives.

Potential endangered species habitat occupancy

ESA, 1973 (amended 1982, 1987)

Consistent with the military mission, protect areas which have been identified as potential habitat for endangered or threatened species form any detrimental alteration.

Range site condition


In conjunction with the Department of Agriculture, evaluate range site condition at least once every 10 years in order that range management issues can be adequately evaluated and adjusted as appropriate.  Such evaluations should address browse condition, height, composition, and extent of woodland stand coverage and canopy closure, and herbaceous cover, composition, and condition.