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Environmental Assessment

Table 9 - Soil Recommendations




Impacted soils at previous hazardous waste F-14 storage site and bluing operations area (building 90-1)

31 TAC 335

TWC guidance document 1 (October 1990)

Evaluate the current regulations to remediate, excavate and remove affected soils, or to follow risk reduction regulations.

LPST sites

31 TAC 334.71-334.85

PST documents 92-07, 92-06, 93-02, and 93-03

Remediate strata affected by TPH, BTEX, MTBE and/or total lead above action levels.

Soil erosion

"Best management procedures"

Reduce soil erosion through cultivation of native vegetation along Salado Creek channel, the B-28 area, and the oxidation pond.  Evaluate these areas with respect to need and financial costs of possible installation of drainage or divertment areas.