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Environmental Assessment

Table 14 - Waste Management Recommendations




Drinking water

Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) of 1974

40 CFR 1 through 149

Drinking water standards for Texas

AR 200-1 3-4

Continue investigation into organic chemical groundwater contamination at well 16, identifying a source in accordance with approved work plan.  Groundwater assessment is currently underway.

Less-than-90-day container storage areas

40 CFR 265(A) - (E) and (I)

31 TAC 335

AR 200-1 6-1

Upgrade and register with the TWC, as necessary, the hazardous waste container storage facilities at CSSA (HW-1, HW-2, and HW-3), incorporating the design and record-keeping requirements for less-than-90-day container storage areas.  Building 40 has been identified as a storage area and is in the process of being upgraded to TWC regulations.

Hazardous waste accumulation point

40 CFR 265.G

31 TAC 335

Continue remediation activities for the F-14 site in accordance with TWC document 1, closure requirements for hazardous waste less-than-90-day storage areas.

Solid waste management units (SWMUs)

RCRA [42 USC 6903(27)]

TWC document 4, closure of nonhazardous land-based waste management units

AR 200-1 6-3 and 6-13

Perform a detailed assessment of known and suspected SWMUs at CSSA to determine the necessity and/or priority of their remediation, including sampling where applicable.  Determine if SWMU will be left in place or clean closed.  For all SWMUs that will be left in place, deed record with the appropriate county agency, and begin investigation and remediation of SWMUs to be removed in priority order.


TSCA, 1976

AR 200-1 5-6

Investigate the PCB content of the transformers stored in the incinerator building by comparing identification numbers on the transformers to existing analytical data from prior transformer sampling activities, and sample the transformers in question if necessary.

Spill prevention

40 CFR 112 and 264

40 CFR 265(C) - (D)

AR 200-1 8-4 and 8-5

Update SPCC contingency plans for CSSA.

Pollution prevention/waste minimization

Pollution Prevention Act of 1990

31 TAC 335(Q)

AR 200-1 6-6

Investigate hazardous materials use at CSSA from a pollution prevention standpoint to determine if the quantities and storage areas can be consolidated and minimized.

Hazardous waste management

AR 200-1 6-4

Develop and implement an installation hazardous waste management plan.