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Environmental Assessment

Table 19 - Utilities Recommendations




Water supply system

31 TAC 290.38-290.49

Review for compliance with TWC regulations:  requirements for public water supply wells; requirements for water storage tanks; disinfection and equipment requirements; minimum pressure requirements; the ban on use of lead in water supply systems; and minimum acceptable operating practices for public drinking water systems.

Septic tank and drain fields

Onsite Sewerage Facilities/Bexar County regulations

Bring existing septic tanks into compliance.  Required repairs were completed as of April 26, 1993.

Replacement of sewer pipes

31 TAC 317.2(a)-(c)

Replace and repair vitrified clay wastewater collection pipe with PVC pipe as required.

Building drains and sumps

Permit TWC 12111-01/NPDES TX0064505

Modify permit at next renewal, if reroute, or plug or remove drains and sumps including those at old incinerator (building 294), locomotive and motor pool shops.   The drains/sumps at the old incinerator (Building 294), locomotive and motor pool shops were plugged/removed in May 1993.