Final Solid Waste Management Unit Demolition Dud Area Closure Report - January 2005

Table of Contents

Section 1 - Introduction

1.1   Closure Standard

1.2   Background and Site Description

1.2.1   Background and Site Description

1.2.2   SWMU DD Area

1.2.3   Site Description

1.2.4   Potential Sources of Contamination

1.2.5   Site Location

1.3   Site Environmental Setting

1.3.1   Site Soils and Topography

1.3.2   Geology

1.3.3   Hydrology

1.3.4   Cultural Resources

1.3.5   Potential Receptors

1.4   Previous Investigations

1.4.1   UXO Clearance and Magnetometer Survey

1.4.2   Subsurface Samples

1.4.3   Surface Soil Samples

Section 2 - Closure Activities

2.1   Excavation and Disposal

2.2   Confirmation Sampling

2.2.1   Confirmation Sampling Methodology

2.2.2   Confirmation Sampling Results

2.2.3   Mercury

2.2.4   Lead

2.2.5   Di-n-butylphthalate

Section 3 - Conclusions and Closure Certification

3.1   Conclusions

3.2   Evaluation of Data Quality Objectives Attainment

3.3   Closure Certification


Appendix A Waste Manifests

Appendix B Statistical Analyses

Appendix C Evaluation of Data Quality Objectives Attainment

Appendix D Analytical Results Summary

Appendix E Data Verification Reports


Figure DD-1   DD Site Location Map

Figure DD-2   Soils and Topographic Map

Figure DD-3   Geologic Setting

Figure DD-4   Sample Location Map

Figure DD-5   SWMU DD Area Site Location Map

Figure DD-6   SWMU DD Area Geologic Setting

Figure DD-7   SWMU DD Area Closure Sample Location Map


Table DD-1   SWMU DD Area RFI Report

Table DD-2   SWMU DD Area RFI Report

Table DD-3   Closure Confirmation Sampling Results, Dec 2003 - May 2004