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Final AOC-38 RCRA Facility Investigation Report, April 2002

Table of Contents

Section 1 - Introduction

1.1   Background and Site Description

1.1.1   CSSA

1.1.2   AOC 38   Site Description   Potential Sources of Contamination   Site Location

1.2   Site Environmental Setting

1.2.1   Site Soils and Topography

1.2.2   Geology

1.2.3   Hydrology

1.2.4   Cultural Resources

1.2.5   Potential Receptors

1.3   Previous Investigations

1.3.1   Geophysical Survey

1.3.2   Soil Gas Survey

1.4   Closure Standard

Section 2 - Field Investigation

2.1   Field Actions

2.1.1   Geophysical Survey

2.1.2   Soil Gas Survey Samples

2.1.3   Surface Soil Samples

2.1.4   Subsurface Soil Samples

2.1.5   Groundwater Samples

2.2   Results and Comparisons

2.2.1   Geophysical Survey

2.2.2   Soil Gas Survey Samples

2.2.3   Surface Soil Samples

2.2.4   Subsurface Soil Samples

2.2.5   Groundwater Samples

Section 3 - Conclusions and Recommendations

3.1   Conclusions

3.2   Evaluation of Data Quality Objectives Attainment

3.3   Recommendations


Appendix A   Analytical Results Summary

Appendix B   Data Verification Report

Appendix C   Evaluation of Data Quality Objectives Attainment


Figure AOC38-1   Site Location Map

Figure AOC38-2   Soils and Topographic Map

Figure AOC38-3   Geologic Setting

Figure AOC38-4   Soil Gas Survey Sample Location and Geophysical Anomaly Map

Figure AOC38-5   Soil Sample Location and PCE Soil Gas Contour Map


Table AOC38-1   Chemical Constituents Analyzed in Soil at AOC 38, January 2000