[Volume 1-2]

SWMU Oxidation Pond (O-1) Links

Oxidation Pond View Facing North - January 1999

Site Status: Closed (April 2002)


Description in Current Conditions Report (July 1999)


Aerial Photograph

Plans (Volume 1-2)

RL17 RFI Work Plan (February 1996)

RL74 Addendum to SAP (January 1999)

RL74 Interim Measures Work Plan (August 1999)

RL17 Work Plan Amendment for Data Quality Rework (October 1999)

Investigation Reports (Volume 3-1)

List of Relevant Previous Investigation Reports

Section 6, Technical Memorandum on Surface Geophysical Surveys, Well 16 Source Characterization (June 1995)

Section 9, Technical Memorandum on Soil Boring Investigation (June 1995)

Addendum to Technical Memorandum on Soil Boring Investigation (August 1995)

Section 5, Technical Memorandum on Soil Gas Surveys (June 1996)

Section 6, Oxidation Pond Characterization, Groundwater Investigation and Associated Source Characterizations (June 1996)

O-1 Interim Measures/Closure Report (October 2000)


Table O1-1 Chemical Constituents Detected in Soil (March 1995)

Table O1-2 Liner Integrity Investigation Analytical Results (1995-1996)


Soil Analytical Results Map (March 1995)

Figure O1-1   Site Map

Figure O1-2   Geophysical Survey Boundary & Chemical Constituents Greater than Comparison Concentrations

Figure O1-3   Distribution of PCE in Soil Gas at the Oxidation Pond Using Summer and Fall 1995 Data

Figure O1-4   SWMU O-1 Liner Investigation Location Map

Figure O1-5   Distribution of PCE in Soil Gas After Liner Investigation


OX-SB1   (March 1995)

OX-SB2   (March 1995)

OX-SB3   (March 1995)

OX-SB4   (March 1995)

Treatability Studies (Volume 4)

Electrokinetic Test Report (April 1999)