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Final Work Plan - Ecological Risk Assessment for North Pasture, May 2008

Table of Contents

Table of Contents/Acronyms and Abbreviations

Final Work Plan


Figure 1   Project Location

Figure 2   Location and Status of Sites

Figure 3   SLERA and APAR Sites for the North Pasture

Figure 4   Example Texas Upland Forest Food Web

Figure 5   Vegetation Community Types

Figure 6   Topography, Surface Water, and Floodplains

Figure 7   Surface Water and Sediment Sample Locations

Figure 8   GCWA and BCVI Detections and Habitat Mapping


Table 1   Vegetation Community Types at CSSA

Table 2   Summary of Sediment Analytical Results at SWMU B-20/21

Table 3   Summary of Surface Water Analytical Results at SWMU B-20/21

Table 4   Federal and State Listed Species Potentially Occurring in Bexar County

Table 6   Chemicals of Potential Concern in North Pasture


Appendix A   Figure for Field Sampling Activities, February/March 2008 (SWMUs B-2, B-8, and B-24) and Figure for Planned Sampling Activities (SWMU B-20/21)

Appendix B   Final Minutes September 14, 2007 Meeting

Slide Presentation - SWMU Investigations and Closures

Appendix C   Final Minutes - November 29, 2007 Meeting

Slide Presentation

Appendix D   Observed Bird List for 2005 and 2007 Surveys