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AOC 49 Delisting Report, April 2005

Table of Contents

Section 1 - Introduction

1.1   Background and Site Description

1.1.1   CSSA

1.1.2   AOC-49   Site Description   Potential Sources of Contamination   Site Location

1.2   Environmental Setting

1.2.1   Soils and Topography

1.2.2   Geology

1.2.3   Hydrology

1.2.4   Cultural Resources

1.2.5   Potential Receptors

1.3   Previous Investigations

Section 2 - Field Activities

2.1   Geophysical Survey

Section 3 - Conclusions and Recommendations


Figure AOC49-1   Site Location Map

Figure AOC49-2   AOC-49 Aerial Photographs

Figure AOC49-3   Soils and Topographic Map

Figure AOC49-4   Geologic Setting

Figure AOC49-5   Geophysical Map EM-31 In-Phase Contours

Figure AOC49-6   Geophysical Map EM-31 Quadrature-Phase Contours