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AOC 41 Links

(AOC 41 was formerly known as "Gate 6")

AOC 41, View Facing West -- January 1999

Site Status: Closed (July 2005)


Description in Current Conditions Report (July 1999)


Aerial Photograph

Plans (Volume 1-3)

AETC RFI Work Plan Addendum (May 2000)

TO0019 Work Plan Addendum (December 2003)

Investigation Reports (Volume 3-2)

List of Previous Relevant Investigation Reports

Section 11.5, Technical Memorandum on Surface Geophysical Surveys, Well 16 Source Characterization (June 1995)

Section 9.4, Technical Memorandum on Soil Gas Surveys (June 1996)

Soil Gas Survey Results (December 1999)

No Further Action Report (May 2005)