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Volume 1 - Scoping Documents

Plans and information including background information, correspondence, current conditions, work plans, site maps, field sampling plans, quality assurance plans, laboratory audits, and health and safety plans. 

Volume 2 - Background Metals Levels

Information including background metals and soils types at CSSA, and a statistical analysis of background levels of the metals at the site.

Volume 3 - Investigation Reports

Chronologies, maps, and investigation results for the solid waste management units, areas of concern, and rifle management units.

Volume 4 - Treatment Technologies

A list of relevant documents prior to December 1996, and additional reports regarding alternative treatment tests, studies and technologies used at CSSA.

Volume 5 - Groundwater

Chronology of groundwater related environmental activities, and quarterly groundwater monitoring reports.

Volume 6 - Permits

(Not online)

Volume 7 - 3008(h) Order Documents

Documents related to or required by the 3008(h) Administrative Order on Consent.