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Soil Washing Treatability Study for SWMU B-20, May 2000

Table of Contents

Acronyms and Abbreviations


Purpose of Document


Section 1:  Introduction

Section 2:  Site and Study Background

2.1  Facility Description

2.2  Site Background and History

2.3  Soils

2.4  Geology

2.5  Statistical Evaluation of Background and Metals Concentrations

2.6  Summary of Prior Investigation Results

2.7  Media and Contaminants of Concern

2.8  Determination of Cleanup Levels

Section 3:  Treatability Study Methods

3.1  Summary of Activities

3.2  Background

3.3  Technical Approach

3.3.1  Soil Sample Collection

3.3.2  Brice Soil Washing Design

3.3.3  Treatability Study Activities

Section 4:  Treatability Study Results

4.1  Initial Baseline Soils Sample Data

4.1.1  Projectile-Contaminated Sand

4.1.2  Sifted Soils

4.2  System Performance Soil Sample Data

4.2.1  Projectile-Contaminated Sand

4.2.2  Sifted Soils

Section 5:  Conclusions

5.1  Evaluation Criteria

5.2  Evaluation Conclusions

5.2.1  Attainment of Cleanup Standard

5.2.2  Protection of Human Health and the Environment

5.2.3  Control the Sources of Releases

5.2.4  Short-Term Effectiveness

5.2.5  Long-Term Effectiveness

5.2.6  Implementability

5.2.7  Reduction of Toxicity, Mobility, and Volume

5.2.8  Cost

5.2.9  Compliance with Waste Management Standards

Section 6:  Recommendations

Section 7:  References


Appendix A:  Brice's Results of Physical Treatment Treatability Study

Appendix B:  Cost Estimate


Figure 2.1  Location Map

Figure 2.2  CSSA Site Map and SWMU B-20 Location

Figure 2.3  Surface Soils Exceeding RRS1 Criteria at SWMU B-20

Figure 4.1  Density Treatment of Projectile Sand

Figure 4.2  Density Treatment of Sifted Soils


Table 2.1  Summary of Surface Soil Sampling Results for Heavy Metals