[Volume 4 Table of Contents]

Electrokinetic Test Report for SWMU O-1 - April 1999

Table of Contents

Acronyms and Abbreviations

Section 1 - Introduction

Section 2 - Site and Study Background

2.1   Facility Description

2.2   Site Background and history

2.3   Geology and Hydrogeology

2.4   Previous Investigations

2.4.1   General Overview

2.4.2   Soil Sampling Results from Previous Investigations

2.4.3   1997 1996 Liner Integrity Investigation

2.4.4   1997 Initial Electrokinetic Location Investigation

Section 3 - Treatability Study Methods

3.1   Summary of Activities

3.2   Technical Approach

3.2.1   Electrokinetic Soil Remediation Desing

3.2.2   Well Construction Procedures

3.3   Treatability Study Activities

3.3.1   Laboratory Benchscale Test

3.3.2   Field Pilot Scale Test

Section 4 - Treatability Study Results and Data Evaluation

4.1   Sampling Results

4.1.1   Initial Baseline Soil Sample Data

4.1.2   System Performance Soil Sample Data

4.1.4   Quality Assurance Summary

4.2   Laboratory Benchscale Treatability Results

4.2.1   Determination of Optimum Extractant from SWMU O-1 Soil

4.2.2   Determination of the Valence State of Chromium

4.2.3   Benchscale Electrokinetic Removal of Chromium From O-1 Soil

4.3   Field Pilot Scale Treatability Results

4.3.1   Process Operation and Monitoring

4.3.2   Chromium Contaminate Transport and Removal Observations

4.3.3   Process Cost Estimates

4.4   Investigation-Derived Waste Management Summary

Section 5 - Conclusions and Recommendations

5.1   Conclusions

5.1.1   General Conclusions Regarding PCE Removal

5.1.2   Effectiveness of Electrokinetic System Operation

5.2   Recommendations

Section 6 - References


Appendix A   Lynntech Inc. Final Technical Report and Workplan

Appendix B   ITIR (data report)

Appendix C   Field Data Sheets and Field Logbook Notes

Appendix D   Photographs


Figure 2.1   Location Map

Figure 2.2   CSSA Site Map and SWMU O-1 Location

Figure 2.3   Weapons Maintenance Process Flow Chart

Figure 2.4   Bluing Process Flow Chart

Figure 2.5   Locations of Initial Exploratory Soil Borings

Figure 2.6   Cross-Section, SWMU O-1

Figure 2.7   Anomaly Location Map, SWMU O-1

Figure 2.8   PCE Soil Gas Distribution 1995, SWMU O-1

Figure 2.9   Location of SWMU O-1 Relative to Nearby Groundwater Wells

Figure 2.10   SWMU O-1 Liner Investigation Location Map

Figure 2.11   PCE Soil Gas Distribution 1996, SWMU O-1

Figure 2.12   Initial Electrokinetic Location Excavations, SWMU O-1

Figure 2.13   Field Pilot Scale Electrokinetic System Location Map

Figure 3.1   Electrokinetic Field System Layout at SWMU O-1

Figure 4.1   Excavation of Treatment Area at SWMU O-1


Table 2.1   Liner Integrity Investigation Analytical Results

Table 2.2   1997 Initial Electrokinetic Location Investigation Analytical Results

Table 3.1   Methods of Chemical Analysis for Soil and Soil Gas Samples

Table 3.2   Methods of Geotechnical Analysis and Physical Parameters for Soil Samples

Table 3.3   1997 Treatability Study Sampling Summary

Table 4.1   1997 Electrokinetic Field Investigation Baseline Analytical Results

Table 4.2   November 1997 System Performance Analytical Results

Table 4.3   January 1998 System Performance Analytical Results

Table 4.4   Average Percentage Removal of Chromium From O-1 Soil