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AOC 72, View Facing West - December 2001.

Site Status: Closed (May 2012)


Site Description: AOC-72 is a construction debris landfill. It is located east of Building 94 in W Section, southwest of W-tank. The area is approximately 4 acres in size. The exact dates of use are unknown but it was likely used in the 1930's and 40's. It is a flat grassy area that drops off into a ditch with thick vegetation. Contaminants of concern are VOCs, metals, and asbestos. (This site was identified after the Current Conditions Report was prepared in 1999.)

Aerial Photograph


Plans (Volume 1-3)

Work Plan and Sampling and Analysis Plan Addendum (June 2011)

Investigation Reports (Volume 3-2)

Release Investigation Report (March 2012)