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RFI Work Plan Addendum
Area of Concern 45

Soils: Krum Complex.

Known: The site consists of a flat area approximately 0.1 acres in size that contains spent and unspent bullets. Located east of SWMU B-31, near bend in the road.

Previous Investigations: Site was located during previous field efforts.

Data Needs: Metals sweep and analytical data (metals) for surface soils.

Rationale for Analytical Program: Based on spent and unspent bullets at the site, chemicals of potential concern include metals. Metals (arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, mercury, nickel and zinc) are included due to the metallic nature of the waste. Explosives, VOCs, and SVOCs are not included at this site since no evidence of buried waste, waste burning, or explosives-containing munitions has been found.

Closure Activities: The following activities constitute an initial investigation of the area of concern 45. This work will be completed as part of the requirements under the RCRA 3008(h) Order, but it is not currently included in any delivery orders.

Conduct a metals sweep of the mapped site with a metal detector to identify any anomalies. If any potential UXO is observed during field activities, work will cease until UXO specialists are brought on site to identify and remove UXO.

If any metal is detected during the metals sweep, five grab surface soil samples will be collected. The samples will be biased toward any anomalies found during metals sweep activities. The total depth of each boring will be approximately 2 feet. Each sample will be analyzed for metals. QA/QC samples will be collected as described in Section 2.4 of the FSP.

Water is not expected to be encountered in the borings at the site. However, if water is discovered in any of the soil borings, all borings will be sampled and may be completed as groundwater monitoring wells as detailed in Section 2.4.1 of the Work Plan Overview. Groundwater will be sampled, where present, and each sample will be analyzed for metals. QA/QC samples will be collected as described in Section 2.4 of the FSP.

IDW will be handled as specified in the FSP.

If the results of the above work indicate that the site can be closed under RRS1 without any further investigation and/or remediation, a technical/closure report will be prepared and submitted in accordance with TNRCC closure requirements. If the site does not meet RRS1 requirements, a technical report describing the results of the investigation and recommended additional investigation and/or remediation will be prepared.