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SWMU B-22 View Facing Northeast - January 1999

Site Status: Closed (December 2002)


Description in Current Conditions Report (July 1999)


Aerial Photograph

Figure B22-1 Plan View Map

Plans (Volume 1-2)

RL17 RFI Work Plan (February 1996)

RL17 Work Plan Amendment for Data Quality Rework (May 2000)

Investigation Reports (Volume 3-1)

List of Relevant Previous Investigation Reports

Section 7 of the Technical Memorandum on Geophysical Surveys (October 1995)

RCRA Facility Investigation/Closure Report (August 2002)


Figure B22-1  Site Location Map

Figure B22-2  Soils and Topographic Map

Figure B22-3  Geologic Setting

Figure B22-4  Sample Location Map


Table B22 1 Summary of Chemical Constituents Detected in Soils (March 2000)