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12th Final Quarterly Progress Report (February 1,- April 30, 2002)

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This 12th quarterly progress report for CSSA, Texas, EPA Identification Number TX2210020739, is submitted in accordance with the Administrative Order on Consent (Order) issued to CSSA on May 5, 1999, pursuant to 3008(h) of the SWDA, as amended by RCRA, and further amended by the HSWA of 1984, 42 U.S.C. 6928(h). This report addresses the project progress from February 1, 2002 through April 30, 2002 (Quarter 12). Subsequent progress reports will continue to be submitted on a quarterly basis.

This report details work completed on tasks associated with the four project phases outlined in the Order. Phase names and task names listed below are taken directly from the Order. Information requested in the Order for each active task is provided in this report. If the task is not yet active, that is also noted.

Interim Measures

Task I:

Interim/Stabilization Measures Work Plan

Task II:

Interim/Stabilization Measures Implementation

Task III:


RCRA Facility Investigation

Task I:

Preliminary Report: Description of Current Conditions

Task II:

RCRA Facility Investigation Work Plan

Task III:

Facility Investigation

Task IV:

Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment

Task V:

Investigation Analysis

Task VI:

Treatability Studies

Task VII:

Progress Reports

Corrective Measures Study

Task VIII:

Identification and Development of Corrective Action Alternatives

Task IX:

Evaluation of Corrective Measures Alternatives

Task X:


Corrective Measures Implementation

Task XI:

Corrective Measure Implementation Program Plan

Task XII:

Corrective Measure Design

Task XIII:

Corrective Measure Construction

Task XIV:


Details of the evaluation of the percent complete by task are included as Table 1. An updated project team chart along with telephone numbers and addresses are included as Table 2. The project financial information summary and the percentage of funds expended, which is required every third progress report, is included in Attachment 1.

Attachment 1 - Percent Complete Rationale and Financial Summary

Table 1-1   Budget Summary

Table 1-2   Cost Breakdown by Contract and Site

Overall (H) Order Percent Complete

Interim Measures Percent Complete

RCRA Facility Investigation Percent Complete

Corrective Measures Study Percent Complete

Corrective Measures Implementation Percent Complete

Attachment 2 - Summary of Status of Each SWMU/AOC Site

Investigation Matrix

Attachment 3 - Figures

Figure 3.1   February 2002 - April 2002 Off-Post Well Sampling Locations

Figure 3.2   March 2002 On-post Well Sampling Location