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10th Quarter - Final Quarterly Progress Report

August 1 - October 31, 2001

Interim Measures

Task I

Interim/Stabilization Measures Work Plan

Task II

Interim/Stabilization Measures Implementation

Task III


RCRA Facility Investigation

Task I

Preliminary Report:  Description of Current Conditions

Task II

RFI Work Plan

Task III

Facility Investigation

Task IV

Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment

Task V

Investigation Analysis

Task VI

Treatability Studies

Task VII

Progress Reports

Corrective Measures Study


Identification and Development of Corrective Action Alternatives

Task IX

Evaluation of Corrective Measures Alternatives

Task X


Corrective Measures Implementation

Task XI

Corrective Measure Implementation Program Plan

Task XII

Corrective Measure Design


Corrective Measure Construction

Task XIV



Attachment 1   Summary of Status of Each SWMU/AOC Site

Attachment 2   Summary Figures of Off-post Wells Sampled and the Concentrations Detected


Figure 1-1   Off-Post Well Sampling Locations

Figure 1-2   On-Post Well Sampling Locations

Figure 3-1a   Offsite Results TCE July 31 - August 1, 2001

Figure 3-1b   Offsite Results PCE July 31 - August 1, 2001

Figure 3-2a   Offsite Results TCE August 30, 2001

Figure 3-2b   Offsite Results PCE August 30, 2001


Table 1   Project Tasks completion to Date

Table 2   Project Contact Information