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Minutes for TIM Meeting #7
Camp Stanley Storage Activity
Contract No. AMC F11623-94-D0024, RL83
Parsons# 736071.02000
Contract No. AFCEE F41624-00-D-8024, TO 0079

Date:                      January 29, 2003

Time:                      8:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Place:                     Parsons, Austin, Texas

Subject:                  Financial updates on all active projects, status of remaining tasks, options for new aerial photograph of CSSA, status of CSSA GIS and database





Brian K. Murphy



Julie Burdey



Tammy Chang



Gary Cobb



Kate Griffin



Andrew Hands



Chad Hutcherson



Katherine LaPierre



Kirk Lawson



Brad Martin



Eric North



Scott Pearson



Garner Peterson



Ken Rice



Kimberly Riley



Donn Rodekohr



Jonathan Skaggs



Mike Stimets



Minutes prepared by Kimberly Riley, Parsons.


    A summary of the action items reached in the January 29, 2003, meeting regarding the status of remaining tasks on all active projects is included below. 

    RL17 Update:  

   The status of RL 17 was discussed, including a financial update, the summary of the SWMU/AOC status review, the potential for additional sampling with available funds and the TRRP data package requirements for any new sampling conducted.  Action items resulting from the RL 17 discussions were:

Action Item:        Parsons will discuss additional sampling to be performed under RL17 with AFCEE.

Action Item:        Parsons will draft a letter for submittal to the TCEQ and EPA regarding the new TRRP laboratory reporting requirements and CSSA’s compliance. 

    RL74 Update:

    The status of RL74 was discussed and included a discussion of the financial status, the schedule for completion of tasks, the hyperlinked encyclopedia, GAC O&M Manual, and possibilities for preparation of a new aerial photograph of CSSA.  A 6-inch by 6-inch accuracy with LIDAR was discussed for the aerial photo.  Action items resulting from the RL74 discussions included:

Action Item:        Parsons GIS will prepare specifications for new CSSA aerial and obtain cost estimates. 

    RL53 Update:

    The status of RL53 was discussed and included the financial status and status SWMU B-10 and I-1 draft closure reports and the requirement to meet RRS1 closure.  SWMU I-1 will require waste removal and rinsing of the unit to meet closure requirements.  SWMU B-10 will require non-hazardous waste removal of SWMU B-3 soils which were placed within the unit.  Additional sampling of the limestone was discussed to confirm metals detections at previous locations (B-10 bottom 16 and 17) indicating higher metals concentrations than the RRS1 closure criteria. 

Action Item:        Parsons will plan to remove the remaining waste from SWMU B-10 and collect samples at SWMU B-10.

RL83 Update:

    RL83’s financial status was discussed, as well as the Soil Pile Disposition Assessment report, SPCC Plan Review, the Well Installation Report and the Conceptual Site Model.  Deadlines were discussed and report preparation status.  Air emissions at CSSA were discussed including compliance issues for CSSA’s air permit and Building 90 operations.  Parsons presented draft emission calculations to Brian Murphy for his review.  Parsons will continue working on compliance issues and emissions data estimations.  Action items resulting from the RL83 discussions included:

    Action Item:        Parsons will submit a compliance       document on air emissions. 

Action Item:        Parsons will add discussion of the TRRP PCLs to the Soil Pile Disposition Assessment report

Action Item:        Parsons will submit an SPCC Plan Update

    TO79 Update:

    The status of the new task order TO 79 and kick-off meeting topics were discussed.  Other discussion items included LAN support activities, status of encyclopedia updates and the January Quarterly Progress Report.  Action items resulting from the TO79 discussions included:

Action Item:        Parsons to schedule a conference call with Mactec regarding the hyperlinked encyclopedia and data format needs

Action Item:        Parsons to contact regulatory agencies to determine their preference of either DVD or CD ROM format for the hyperlinked encyclopedia.

    TO42 Update:

    The status of task order TO 42 was discussed.  TO 42 is approximately 50 percent complete as of December 2002.  The well installations, groundwater monitoring reports, fact sheets, and the SOP for electronic data management were discussed.  Action items resulting from the TO42 discussions included:

    Other topics discussed were the new TO 0009 and the CSSA GIS update.  Additional action items include:

Action Item:        Parsons will research the effort necessary to have photos added into the GIS. 

    Action Item:        Parsons will add the following information to the SDS database: DO 5084 data to be added under the RL83 contract (it was not in the DO 5084 scope); SWMU soil boring data, and TO58 data


Proposed Order of Discussion

Date & Time


9:00 am – 9:45 am

Review Completed Field Activities and Data Collection for Treatability Study

           Subslab SVE system test data
           Building 90 SVE system data

9:45 am – 10:30 pm

Discuss and review UTSA research and tracer test proposals.

10:30 am – 11:15 am

Review DQOs and Possible Future Treatability Activities

11:15 am – 12:30 pm

Discuss borehole flowmeter options and assessment

12:30 pm – 1:00 pm

Lunch or Other topics

Attachment 1 Agenda for TIM #7

Attachment 2 DO# RL17 - Camp Stanley Storage Activity (CSSA) TX Closure Investigation Budget Status 1/29/03

Attachment 3 RL83 -FRI Closure Project & Well Installation Status

Attachment 4 Percent Complete Estimate for TO42

Attachment 5 Status of GIS and SDS Data