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Meeting Minutes
Facility Investigations, Closure Projects,
Camp Stanley Storage Activity
F41689-96-D0710/DDO 5084
Parsons ES 738290.01000

Date:                        Tuesday, 03 October 2000

Time:                        1:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.

Place:                        Camp Stanley Storage Activity (CSSA)

Subject:                        Project Kickoff





Brian K. Murphy



Jo Jean Mullen



Rene Hefner



Ed Brown



Cindy Hall



Teri DuPriest



Tom Heathman

Informatics Team


Chris Beal



Tammy Chang

Parsons ES


Susan Roberts

Parsons ES



Parsons ES


Minutes prepared by Brian Vanderglas, Parsons ES.

The agenda for this meeting is presented in Attachment 1.  These meeting minutes are organized in the order of the agenda, not necessarily in the order they were discussed.


The meeting was opened with brief introductions.  The purpose of the meeting, kickoff for the Facility Investigations and Closure project, was stated.   The Contracting Officer (CO) for this delivery order, Cindy Hall, passed out the Designation of Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) memorandum, and discussed the roles and authority of the COR and the CO.  For this delivery order, Jo Jean Mullen is designated as the technical COR.

Ms. Hall indicated that the CO is responsible for overall performance of the delivery order (DO).  Issues affecting the performance schedule, statement of work (SOW), or possibly the H Order must be brought to the attention of the CO as soon as possible.  If the performance period or budget is not affected by an unforeseen condition, Ms. Hall indicated that an e-mail to the COR, the CO, and Brian Murphy would be sufficient to document the change.  Inclusion of any necessary changes or unforeseen conditions in the monthly status reports would not be adequate.   For invoicing, Ms. Hall stated that the invoice should be sent to the COR as “ship to” office, and must include the MIPR number in large, bold font.

Data Quality Objectives (DQOs) for this project were briefly discussed.  Essentially, analytical data from the AOC RFIs and the on-site groundwater investigation will need to meet the detection limit and quality requirements to allow for comparison to the Texas Risk Reduction Rules and the Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP) rules.  Off-site groundwater data will need to meet the strictest quality control for comparison to TRRP rules for residential drinking water.  Soil gas data will be generated by a mobile laboratory, and will be used as screening data for identifying possible subsurface contamination and to assist in selecting appropriate soil boring locations.  The off-site analytical laboratory is APPL, and the mobile laboratory (on-site) is DHL Analytical.  APPL will deliver the data in an ERPIMS format style, while the soil gas data from DHL will be delivered in Access format.  Parsons ES will attempt to expedite analysis of the off-site groundwater samples at the laboratory, and will give these samples first priority during validation, so that the results are processed as quickly as possible within the limits of the existing contract requirements.

For submittal of data and reporting, AFCEE stated that the analytical ITIR is always submitted first for review prior to beginning any of the technical report.  The ITIR consists of data packages with data validation and verification and a summary report.   For off-site wells, the speed of analysis and validation is critical.  Parsons ES agreed to visit with the laboratory to try and shorten the turnaround time for laboratory reporting.  AFCEE and CSSA indicated that it is critical that each off-site well should have a separate laboratory report presenting the results of the analyses.

AFCEE indicated some concern with the schedule submitted by Parsons ES because the schedule showed work on technical reports beginning prior to final approval of the analytical data.   Although agreeing that some parts of the technical report can be worked on while the data is being reviewed, it was generally agreed that work on the technical reports should be delayed until final approval of the analytical data.  Parsons ES agreed to revise the schedule to reflect this change by placing the final ITIR as the predecessor to each of the draft technical reports.  AFCEE also indicated that reviews by regulatory agencies (EPA and TNRCC) should be shown as separate items on the schedule.  Parsons ES agreed to revise the schedule based on suggestions made during the kickoff meeting and will resubmit to AFCEE and CSSA in MS Project 98 format (Attachment 2).

Project Overview and Schedule

Brian Vanderglas provided a brief project overview of the schedule of anticipated field work and workplan/report deliveries for the 13 tasks planned under this DO. The requirements for specific tasks under this delivery order were discussed with the schedule.  The following overviews are broken down by task.

Task 1:  Delivery Order Management

There are four technical interchange meetings planned for this DO.  The tentative dates for these meetings were assigned to coincide with completion of key field activities (such as soil gas), or for planning future activities.  It was generally agreed that the management team would maintain flexibility in the meeting dates in case issues arise regarding the H Order or other critical decision-based events.

Task 2: AOC 65

The field investigation at AOC 65 and AOC 67 will be performed concurrently, as detailed in the DO proposal’s technical approach.  The plan addenda for these RCRA Facility Investigations (RFIs) will not be prepared until after the soil gas survey is completed (approximately March 2001).  Results from the soil gas survey will be used to select soil boring locations for the AOC 65 RFI.

During the discussion of AOC 65 and AOC 67, AFCEE provided some specific directions regarding the format for the data collected for this DO.   The Access forms to be created by Parsons ES should be in ERPIMS format, and include the fields listed on a handout (Attachment 3) passed out at the meeting.  All coordinates will need to be entered into the NAD 83 coordinate system.  Tom Heathman indicated that not all fields would be applicable to every point.  Parsons ES should develop a valid value list for the forms, and should contact Rene Hefner if there is a question regarding specific codes.  As part of the deliverables for this DO, Parsons ES will need to populate the Access forms created for each data collection event, and submit the form to AFCEE as an electronic deliverable.

Task 3: Soil Gas Surveys

Soil gas surveys will be the first field activity performed under this DO.  Field work for the soil gas survey is tentatively scheduled for November 2000 through January 2001.  Results from this testing will be used to select soil boring locations in Task 2 (AOC 65 RFI).

Task 4:  AOC 67 Phase II RFI

This task was discussed with Task 2 (AOC 65 RFI).  No task specific issues were covered regarding this RFI.

Task 5:  On-site Groundwater Monitoring

The on-site groundwater sampling planned under this DO will be coordinated with the other quarterly groundwater sampling events currently being performed under different DOs.  The three wells that will be sampled under this task are not yet constructed, but should be in place before the first scheduled sampling event in September 2001.

Task 6:  Off-site Groundwater Monitoring

CSSA indicated that Parsons ES may wish to get procurement in place for the laboratory prior to CSSA attempting to obtain access to private well owner’s wells.  The current planned schedule has off-site groundwater sampling beginning after the initial open house in March 2001.  However, community interests and public pressure may cause CSSA to move up the initial round of data collection.  The format of the laboratory report prepared for private well owners was discussed at the meeting.  Parsons ES will work with the laboratory to ensure that one copy of the analytical results reporting page will be provided to the private well owners through CSSA as a stand-alone laboratory report.  Quality control and results from other wells will be included in the technical report prepared by Parsons ES.

CSSA will provide a copy of an access agreement template prepared by the Army’s attorneys for obtaining access to private well owner’s wells.

Task 7:  PIMS Study Plans

AFCEE and CSSA were concerned that there may be some data gaps in the PIMS work plans, and that Parsons ES will need to assess whether the data collection planned by UFA Ventures is adequate to meet their DQOs.    CSSA and AFCEE are interested in making sure that CSSA will be able to use the information provided from the PIMS study upon its completion.

Task 8:  LAN Support

CSSA and AFCEE would like for Parsons ES to prepare a short, informal summary (one page) of each LAN visit.  The summary will include a short description of the work performed and any hardware or software upgraded or installed. Parsons ES records from the meeting indicate that it was agreed that a record of the LAN support visit summaries would be compiled and maintained by Parsons ES, and that electronic and hard copies will be provided to AFCEE and CSSA upon request.  We did discuss the possibility of forwarding these summaries by e-mail. Parsons ES considers your comments on this matter as a request to have these summaries forwarded to CSSA and AFCEE following each visit, and we will be happy to oblige.  A record of the each visit’s summary will be maintained by Parsons ES.  Electronic copies of the summary will be e-mailed to AFCEE and CSSA after each visit after preparation and internal review of the summary is completed.

Task 9:  Drought Contingency Plan

CSSA stated that they would obtain contingency plans from Bexar Met and FairCo (Fair Oaks), and the Edwards Aquifer Authority.  Parsons ES would search the TNRCC web site for Drought Contingency Plans on file with the agency.  CSSA agreed that they would contact the Texas Water Development Board to obtain a listing of area plans that have been completed.

The schedule indicated that the final drought contingency plan would be submitted by January 1, 2001.  CSSA requested that additional time be added to enable review by Army personnel, including the CSSA commander.  The due date for this plan should remain flexible to allow for this additional review time.  Parsons ES will revise the schedule with January 31, 2000 as the target completion date.

Task 10:  Community Relations Plan (CRP) Updates/Fact Sheets

CSSA informed Parsons ES that the USACE with SAIC are preparing a “Public Outreach Plan” for CSSA.  As part of this effort, SAIC is developing the first Fact Sheet.  Parsons ES will play an integral role in developing the approach for public outreach, primarily providing support on the technical issues that exist at CSSA. 

CSSA will coordinate resources between AFCEE (Parsons ES) and USACE (SAIC) for development and implementation of the plan.  One meeting will be tentatively planned for the end of October or early November between CSSA’s public outreach team.  This meeting will be used to prepare a tentative schedule for open houses, mailings, and other communications with the public, and will also outline the types of information that should be made available to the public.    The first Open House has been tentatively scheduled for February 2001.  The overall schedule for this task will be developed during the planning meeting.

Task 11:  Lab Audit/Analytical QA

The only laboratory audit planned under this DO is tentatively scheduled in October 2001.  This audit will coincide with the receipt of analytical data from quarterly groundwater monitoring and analysis of soil samples collected during the AOC 65 and AOC 67 RFIs.  The performance evaluation (PE) sample will be analyzed with the on-site groundwater samples collected in September 2001.  Parsons ES will need to coordinate with AFCEE on labeling the PE sample so that it is analyzed by the appropriate analyses. At least one month of lead time is required before collection of the PE sample.

Task 12:  Aerial Photography

CSSA will pull together a total of twelve photographs.  It may be necessary for Parsons ES to assist in evaluating photograph quality prior to imaging.  All photographs will be black and white.  After completing the scanning, the digitized photographs will be incorporated into the GIS.  Parsons ES intends to complete this GIS update by January 31, 2001.

Task 13:  Quarterly Reports

There was an error in the project schedule distributed prior to the kickoff meeting, which showed preparation of the final report occurring after receipt of CSSA/AFCEE comments.  Parsons ES will revise the project schedule to include this correction.

Action items

Parsons ES

1.      Parsons ES will submit a revised schedule and Item C (from proposal) with these kickoff meeting minutes.  See Attachment 2.

2.      Parsons ES will check on the availability of the Parsons ES GPS-Trimble, in case CSSA is unable to purchase a Trimble for completion of this DO.

3.      Parsons ES will procure APPL as soon as possible in case off-site sampling needs to begin before the scheduled start date in March 2001.

4.      Parsons ES will prepare and compile a summary of completed tasks for LAN Support after each visit, and provide it to CSSA and AFCEE by e-mail.

5.      Parsons ES will need to assess the quality of the twelve aerial photographs scheduled for scanning.  Parsons ES will likely hold a meeting with CSSA upon compilation of the photographs by November 17, 2000.


1.      CSSA will provide the template for access agreements to be issued by the government.

2.      CSSA will set up a meeting between USACE/SAIC and AFCEE/Parsons ES to develop the public outreach plan.

3.      CSSA will check on the purchase status of their own GPS-Trimble unit.

4.      CSSA will contact the TDWR, Bexar Met, Fairco, and Edwards Aquifer Authority, and try to locate any other drought contingency plans.

5.      CSSA will provide 12 black and white aerial photographs for inclusion in the GIS system.

Attachment 1

Agenda for Kickoff Meeting at Camp Stanley Storage Activity
Continuation of RCRA Facility Investigations and Groundwater Investigations
AETC Delivery Order 5084

Date:     Tuesday, October 3, 2000

Time:  1:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m.

Place:  Camp Stanley Storage Activity

 Proposed Order of Discussion



Parsons Participants

1:00pm – 2:00pm

AETC DO5068 requirements and DQOs

Vanderglas, Chang, Roberts

2:00pm – 2:30pm

Anticipated schedule by WBS tasks & variances from proposal deliverable schedule

Vanderglas, Chang, Roberts


2:30pm – 3:30pm

Time-critical tasks, issues and decisions

     Soil Gas Survey (wbs task 3)

     Access agreements for private wells (wbs task 6)

     PIMS Study Plans & Demonstration (wbs task 7)

     Drought Contingency Plan (wbs task 9)

     Community Relations Issues & schedule (wbs task 10)

     Aerial Photography (wbs task 12)

Vanderglas, Chang, Roberts

3:30pm – 4:00pm

Meeting overview and Action Items

Vanderglas, Chang, Roberts

Attachment 2

ITEM C - Project Schedule

The following project schedule is proposed assuming Notice to Proceed (NTP) is received on 02 October 2000:


Calendar Days
After Anticipated Award Date

Tentative Calendar Date

Notice to Proceed



Kickoff Meeting



TIMs (4)



draft Work Plan Addenda



draft Sampling and Analysis Plan Addenda



draft Health and Safety Plan Addenda



draft Waste Analysis Plan Addenda



draft Soil Gas Survey Technical Rpt



draft AOC 65 & AOC 67 Phase II RFI Tech. Rpt



draft Offsite Groundwater Monitoring, Round 1, Technical Report



draft Offsite Groundwater Monitoring, Round 2, Technical Report



draft On-site/Offsite Groundwater Monitoring*, Round 3, Technical Reports



draft On-site/Offsite Groundwater Monitoring*, Round 4, Technical Reports



draft On-site/Offsite Groundwater Monitoring*, Round 5, Technical Reports



draft On-site/Offsite Groundwater Monitoring*, Round 6, Technical Reports



draft Drought Contingency Plan



draft Community Relations Plan Update



draft Fact Sheets



Laboratory Audit Rpt



Quarterly Progress Rpt – 1



Quarterly Progress Rpt  - 2



Quarterly Progress Rpt – 3



Quarterly Progress Rpt – 4



Quarterly Progress Rpt – 5



Quarterly Progress Rpt – 6



draft PIMS Project Plans



Monthly Status Reports

Every 30 days

every 20th of the month

* = Includes On-site GW Technical Report, Rounds 1-4 along with Off-site Monitoring, Rounds 3-6.

Attachment 3

CSSA Data Requirements List

Attachment 4

Meeting Sign-in Sheet

Meeting Sign-In Sheet



03 October 2000


1:00 p.m. (1300 hrs)


CSSA Bldg. 98


Continuing RFIs and Groundwater Study


Parsons Engineering Science, Inc. (Parsons ES)

Contract No.:

F41689-96-D-0710, Delivery Order 5084





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