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TIM #4
Meeting Minutes
Facility Investigations, Closure Projects,
Camp Stanley Storage Activity
Parsons ES 734521.02

Date:  5 September 2000

Time:  8:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.

Place:  Camp Stanley Storage Activity, Boerne, Texas

Subject:  CSSA Project Status and Deliverables Schedule  RL17, RL33, RL53, RL74, RL83, DO23 and DO5068

         Attendees (See attached sign-in sheet):      




Brian K. Murphy


(210) 698-5208

Jo Jean Mullen


(210) 536-5940

Chris Beal


(210) 321-5111

Susan Roberts

Parsons ES-Austin

(512) 719-6051

Ken Rice

Parsons ES-Austin

(512) 719-6050

Minutes prepared by Ken Rice and Susan Roberts, Parsons ES


The meeting commenced at 0830 hours in the CSSA conference room in Bldg. 98.  The objectives of the meeting were to:

1)      Provide CSSA and AFCEE with an overall project status update for each of the currently funded Parsons ES projects at CSSA;

2)      Provide an update on SWMU B-10 estimated costs and actions necessary to achieve the work effort;

3)      Present a proposed outline of the  Soil Pile Disposition Assessment Report; and

4)      Discuss the requirements for the Interim Measures Corrective Action/Partial Closure Report for SWMU O-1.

Overall CSSA Project Status

RL17 Issues

Estimated completion of RL17 is February 2001 with remaining efforts on Task 03 technical reports, Task 05 SVE report, and the Task 09 analytical ITIR report.  The technical reports should be structured to include accomplished actions results, field changes with justifications, and distinction between original vs. rework efforts for each investigated SWMU.  The technical reports should also include closure criteria and summary tables of analytical results with references to the analytical ITIR.  Tasks 05 and 09 are expected to be completed using the analytical data from rework activities.

RL17 Action Items

Parsons ES Actions:

·        Regroup analytical data packages by Delivery Order, Field Effort, and Laboratory.  Indicate each analytical data package's status by group. 

·        Provide CSSA and AFCEE with SWMU closure report outline. [Note: A copy of the outline was provided at the July 26, 2000 meeting.]

·        Provide CSSA and AFCEE with an update regarding any analytical data groups that are 100% complete.

·        Provide CSSA a listing of what data are received from the lab electronically.

·        Compare the scoped technical reporting requirements and the requirements of CSSA’s agreed order with the EPA regarding RFI reports.  Note any additional requirements from the agreed order RFI reporting vs. the previously scoped reporting requirements.  CSSA noted that Parsons to provide request to EPA for acceptance of the reporting format originally scoped on RL17. 

CSSA Actions:

·        Scan any analytical data that is not currently delivered electronically. 

RL17 & RL33 Rework Issues

The rework efforts are essentially complete.  The remaining efforts include the finalizing the analytical ITIR’s for the rework efforts.

RL17 & RL33 Rework Action Items

Parsons ES Actions:

·        Provide CSSA and AFCEE with an update on when completion of data validation will be accomplished.

RL33 Issues

RL33 work efforts remaining include technical reports, analytical data validation and the final Phytoextraction Treatability Study Report.

RL33 Action Items

Parsons ES Actions:

·        Parsons ES to complete final Phytoextraction Treatability Study Report by October 31, 2000.

RL53 Issues

The TNRCC has approved Parsons ES' request for authorization on calculation and reporting procedures for analysis of dioxin and furans wipe samples at SWMUs I-1 and Bldg. 43.  Parsons ES indicated that the procedure is somewhat different than our current practice identified in the field-sampling plan.  Additionally, the method requires the use of a significant amount of acetone, which will be require ground shipment to the laboratory.

Issues regarding SWMU B-10 were addressed later on in the meeting.

RL53 Action Items

Parsons ES Actions:

·        Parsons ES to prepare field sampling plan modification including the logistics of shipping anticipated samples to the laboratory.  The mod will be in a letter format for submittal to EPA.  The shipment method has been resolved through the use of Department of Transportation special packing and labeling requirements for the sample.

AFCEE Actions:

·        Jo Jean Mullen to provide CSSA with letter on suggested methods for handling perched groundwater (i.e., sampling and identification of) for new and future delivery orders.

RL74 Issues

Brian Murphy said that a concrete slab that includes a prefabricated building is to be installed for the GAC unit.  The concrete slab is expected to meet secondary containment requirements for the GAC unit and containers to be installed within the building.  Ken Rice noted that the concrete required a coating in order to meet impervious containment flooring requirements specified by EPA.  CSSA also indicated that the QED groundwater pumps are expected to be procured the week of September 10, 2000 for installation in the new cluster wells expected to be installed fall of 2000.

Issues discussed include Task 8-IM, Task 10-Building 40 closure, Task 11-GIS efforts, Task 12-IDW, and Task 13-GW modeling.  Task 8 has issues regarding IM reporting and potential funding of anticipated cost overruns due to unexpected field conditions at SWMU B-10, both of which were addressed later on in the meeting.  Task 11 issues regard the anticipated new GIS software and CSSA’s current programmed GIS system.  Task 10 issues included wipe sampling of Building 40 floor system for closure efforts.  Parsons ES will conduct the field effort in September 2000.  Task 12 IDW issues included the estimated time frame for removal of drums from the investigation efforts.  Parsons ES will provide for IDW disposal during the disposal efforts conducted at SWMU B-10.  Task 13 issues included data requirements for populating database for developing GW modeling effort.  There are questions regarding the requirement of the data that are needed to effectively perform the GW modeling effort.

RL74 Action Items

Parsons ES Actions:

·        Parsons ES to provide CSSA with a review of the GAC system slab design and provide CSSA with containment coating specifications.

·        Parsons ES to provide AFCEE with recommendations on number of wells, locations, justifications, and limitations of the recommendations.

·        Parsons ES to provide CSSA and AFCEE recommendations on using new GIS software.

·        Parsons ES to provide CSSA with a current listing of all drums anticipated to be disposed of as IDW from the base.

·        Parsons ES to provide CSSA and AFCEE with an update to the PIMS benchscale study work.

·        Parsons to request ODC funds remaining in Task 8-IM field efforts and appropriate funds in Task 17- Groundwater Monitoring to cover costs associated with SWMU B-10 disposal efforts.

AFCEE Actions:

·        Jo Jean to check on status of comments made to the quarterly groundwater monitoring report to ensure that Parsons ES has received all comments to report.

·        Chris Beal and Rene Hefner (AFCEE/ERC) to provide Jo Jean Mullen a “wish list” on CSSA wells.

RL83 Issues

The draft Offsite Well Survey report (task 03) should have comments from CSSA and AFCEE delivered to Parsons ES soon.  Brian Murphy is working on providing screening analysis of the ampoules located at SWMU B-23A.  The final draft Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) plan is expected to be delivered to CSSA by end of September 2000.  Parsons ES will request a reprogramming of funds from the June 2001 groundwater monitoring event (Task 17 Groundwater Well Monitoring) to cover additional groundwater well construction costs under RL83.

RL83 Action Items

Parsons ES Actions:

·        Upon receipt of CSSA's documentation of screening analysis of the B-23A ampoules, Parsons ES will provide CSSA with a "high risk" review of the screening method.  Further discussions regarding the use of screening data may be necessary after the Parsons ES "high risk" review.

·        Parsons ES to provide CSSA and AFCEE with response to comments on the Draft Offsite Well Survey Report.

AFCEE Contract DO23 Issues

Requires reprogramming of funds to cover groundwater well construction costs anticipated for this delivery order. 

DO23 Action Items

Parsons ES Actions:

·        Parsons ES to provide CSSA and AFCEE with technical memo on Task 7's "waste stream" analysis.

AETC DO5068 Issues

Task 05 AOC50 waste disposal efforts are expected to start upon completion of SWMU B-10 waste disposal efforts.  CSSA requested a schedule for the delivery of the amended work plans anticipated for this delivery order.

DO5068 Action Items

Parsons ES Actions:

·        Parsons ES to provide CSSA with a schedule for the amended work plans for work anticipated for DO5068.  These sites include AOCs 35, 42, 43 and 50.

·        Parsons to provide CSSA and AFCEE with deliverable schedule for all project related efforts.

·        Parsons ES to provide CSSA and AFCEE a list of work items that may need addressed with the following fiscal year’s funding.

Update on SWMU B-10 Waste Disposal Activities

Ken Rice provided a preliminary estimate for completion of SWMU B-10 waste disposal efforts. The cost estimate included use of RL74 funds to cover anticipated costs of the RL53 disposal effort.  The estimate did not include costs associated with hazardous waste disposal.  It was determined that Parsons ES will include a minimum amount of hazardous waste disposal into the subcontractors’ contract for SWMU B-10. 

Parsons ES Actions:

·        Parsons ES to proceed with the modification of RL74 to include SWMU B-10 waste disposal efforts and modification of subcontractors’

Update on Interim Measures activities at SWMU O-1

The Interim Measures (IM) corrective action was completed in the field on
August 18, 2000.  A draft IM report is expected to be delivered to CSSA and AFCEE by 25 September 2000.  The final will be prepared upon receipt of comments and is due to EPA 17 October 2000.  The IM report will follow other SWMU report formats and include data as specified in CSSA’s agreed order with the EPA.  The report will also include the required data to provide CSSA with a partial facility closure of SWMU O-1.  This data is anticipated to include a site survey of the as-built cap system for SWMU O-1.  The site survey will be accomplished through Parsons ES' subcontractor for the IM effort. 

Proposed soil pile disposition assessment report outline

Ken Rice provided an outline of the proposed Soil Pile Disposition Assessment (SPDA) Report.  The outline follows a corrective measures study effort for the soils and is anticipated to include at a minimum the following remedial technologies:

The SPDA report will identify the remedial technologies that will be tested in the field with the use of a designated treatment unit or corrective action management unit.

SPDA Action Items

Parsons ES Actions:

·        Parsons will prepare the SPDA report according to the agreed upon outline presented and revised during this meeting.