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Informal Technical Interchange Meeting Minutes
Proposed Well Locations
Camp Stanley Storage Activity

Date: September 29, 1999

Time:  2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Place:  Camp Stanley Storage Activity, Boerne, Texas

Subject:  Proposed Well Locations, RL74, RL83, and DO23





Brian K. Murphy



Jo Jean Mullen



Rene G. Hefner



Chris Beal



Susan Roberts

Parsons ES-Austin


Scott Pearson

Parsons ES-Austin


Minutes prepared by Susan Roberts, Parsons ES.


The meeting commenced at 2:00 PM in the CSSA conference room. Brian Murphy began the meeting by stating that the meeting's objective is to brief Jo Jean Mullen on the previous 24 September 1999 RL83 TIM#1, and discuss the proposed well locations. For the discussion, Parsons ES brought the following items:

Copies of Chris Beal's "EPA Meeting Notes, 9/24/99", with additional notes added by Parsons ES based on their understanding of the discussions at the 29 September 1999 meeting

Draft minutes for the RL74 TIM#3 meeting (held at CSSA on 10 August 1999) regarding well locations

A draft memo on proposed well locations by Susan Roberts, based on her review of the 10 August 1999 draft meeting minutes

Two draft maps of proposed well locations

Item #1 above was the primary focus of the meeting. The group reviewed Parsons ES' additions to Chris Beal's notes, and all agreed that the updated notes could be used as the basis for Parsons ES to prepare draft minutes for the 24 September 1999 meeting. Seventeen action items were included in Item #1 above, and also reviewed with Jo Jean.

The following action items were called out and amended (other action items were left as noted in the Parsons ES additions to Chris Beal's notes on the meeting).

ACTION 3: Parsons ES to check on the status of the draft SVE work plan addenda. [Note: Jo Jean, Rene and Brian received this addenda on Monday, 9/27/99.]

ACTION 5: When working on the mapping of wells within 1/4-mile of CSSA, Scott found a well just southwest of CSSA. Greg would like this well sampled during the next round. Parsons ES to discuss with Jo Jean. [Note: As AFCEE DO23 has funds for 3 new wells to be sampled between the fourth and fifth quarters, but the new wells have not yet been installed, Parsons ES said that the additional sampling could be funded under this delivery order. Jo Jean said that this would be OK.]

ACTION 6: Roger recommended that Parsons ES get pumping records and other hydrologic data as available for the FairCo wells just west and northwest of CSSA. [Note: Brian, Rene and Chris visited FairCo personnel October 5, 1999.]

Discussion on Proposed Well Locations

Susan presented the attached draft memo and associated maps to the group, and discussed her review of the August 10 well locations. In general, the proposed well locations should provide very useful groundwater chemistry and flow data for the CSSA groundwater investigations. However, wells CW-3, CW-4 and MW-4 appear to be locations that would provide data similar in nature to that provided by existing wells 2, 3, 4, and MW-1. Susan proposed consideration of moving wells CW-3, CW-4 and MW-4 to locations along critical groundwater flow paths to maximize the potential for defining extent of the contaminant plume in groundwater.

Scott reviewed the locations of wells that he found during his field check for wells within mile of the CSSA boundary. Five FairCo wells are northwest of Well 16 and are just west of Ralph Fair Road, and at least 5 more wells are along the road north of the northwest corner of CSSA. It was agreed that a significant amount of pumping from these wells could cause a reversal in gradient at CSSA, which would be of concern should COCs also begin migrating to the northwest. The group agreed that discussions as soon as possible with FairCo would be beneficial to planning for the groundwater investigations.

After reviewing the two versions of the proposed well location map provided at this meeting, the group agreed that the following revisions could be made (see the attached map for actual locations):

It was also agreed that the following locations were acceptable as proposed at the August 10, 1999 meeting to place on the updated map at this time:

[Note: Due to ongoing discussions regarding well locations, an updated map has not been prepared.]

Although no conclusions were reached, the following items were also discussed:

  • Preliminary ground water samples. Preliminary sampling and analysis could potentially be used to fine-tune subsequent drilling locations.

  • Diffusion sampling. Diffusion sampling could potentially be used to help determine the vertical extent of contamination.

  • Need for 4 cluster wells if we find no ground water contamination in the Bexar Shale or Cow Creek. Dropping one cluster well could free up 2 wells for further plume delineation.

The final actions agreed upon at this meeting are:

  1. Parsons ES is to prepare the draft meeting minutes for the 24 September 1999 meeting (RL83 TIM #1). [Note: these minutes were submitted to AFCEE and CSSA on October 8, 1999 for review.]

  2. CSSA and AFCEE will review the draft meeting minutes for the 10 August 1999 meeting (RL74 TIM #3). [Note: CSSA e-mailed comments on the August 10 meeting to Parsons ES on October 5, 1999.]

  3. Parsons ES will prepare a revised memo and map on the proposed well locations and submit for review by CSSA and AFCEE. [Note: Based on comments received on the draft minutes, well locations have not yet been decided; therefore, a map showing well locations has not been included in this package.]