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Meeting Minutes
Facility Investigations, Closure Projects,
and Well Installations
Camp Stanley Storage Activity
Parsons ES 734521.02

Date: 10 August 1999

RL74/83 Groundwater Modeling Meeting Agenda

9:30 a.m., August 10, 1999

  • Overview of CSSA groundwater information (to include latest analytical results, average CSSA water usage data, locations of off-site wells, area faulting, geology, etc, info on identified source areas).

  • Background Chemistry Formation Residence Time vs. Impressed Ground-Water Characteristics

  • Rainfall vs. Water Table Fluctuations

  • Review of proposed monitoring well locations and completion strategies. (Have 4 cluster wells and 3 regular MWs to consider).

  • Review Placement of transducers (4 new)

  • Identify data gaps and model needs (nice to haves vs. must haves).

  • Discuss pros and cons of various modeling packages

  • Identify preferred modeling strategy