Technical Interchange Meeting Minutes

May 7, 1999

Reference: Contract F11623-94-D-0024, Order RL74
Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM) Minutes

Meeting: 7 May 1999
9:00 AM - HQ AFCEE, San Antonio, TX
Subject: TIM 2 Meeting Minutes

The Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM) 2 was held at HQ AFCEE in San Antonio, Texas, and was attended by representatives of Camp Stanley Storage Activity (CSSA), Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence (AFCEE), and Parsons Engineering Science (Parsons ES). The following were in attendance:



Brian Murphy


Jo Jean Mullen


Susan Roberts

Parsons ES

Julie Burdey

Parsons ES

Karuna Mirchandani

Parsons ES

The goal of the meeting was to resolve laboratory variances and selection of reporting limits (RLs) for CSSA projects under AFCEE QAPP 3.0.


Item 1. Recommended RLs for CSSA Projects

Parsons ES prepared a draft list of RLs for soil and water. The RLs were from the AFCEE QAPP 3.0 with some variances to AFCEE QAPP RLs by the two laboratories O’Brien & Gere of Syracuse, New York and APPL of Fresno, California. Parsons ES has been in discussion with these two laboratories regarding potential services for CSSA projects under AFCEE QAPP 3.0. O’Brien & Gere requested 9 RL variances for VOCs, 0 for SVOCs, and 1 for metals. APPL requested 7 RL variances for VOCs, 1 for SVOCs, and 1 for metals. After discussion of the requested variances, and review of the list, AFCEE and CSSA agreed that the variances were allowable. It was also discussed that the RL list for soils and water will be submitted to EPA and TNRCC for review and approval. Jo Jean also asked that Parsons ES correct the xylene RL to combine the m- and p- isomers. The corrected list is presented in Attachment 1 of these meeting minutes.

Item 2. Discussion of items to bring to 10 May 99 Meeting with K. Coulter, TNRCC

Draft meeting minutes were discussed in light of the upcoming meeting between Kirk Coulter of the TNRCC Corrective Action Section, Susan Roberts, and Julie Burdey. It was agreed that Parsons ES would bring or discuss the following items at the meeting:

Copy of the recommended RLs list

Reduced groundwater target analyte list

List of SWMUs and AOCs at CSSA, and notify Kirk of CSSA’s intent to close all sites.

Draft 5 April 1999 meeting minutes

Use of Method 5030 rather than 5035; note that EPA will allow use of 5030

Draft TNRCC "Investigation Reporting Form" (IRF). We propose to use the CSSA Environmental Encyclopedia rather than the IRF.

List of O’Brien & Gere and APPL variances to the QAPP. We will ask Kirk about quality assurance review procedures at TNRCC.

Item 3. Discussion of APPL Variances

Zinc RLs in groundwater and soils: Jo Jean noted that these RLs will need approval by TNRCC.

In the Parsons ES table of QAPP vs. Variance comparisons, Jo Jean asked that Parsons ES take the Tier 1 comparisons out of the justifications columns.

It was agreed that there were no problems with the xylenes RLs.

After corrections to the RLs list, Parsons ES will take the APPL variances to TNRCC during the 10 May 1999 meeting.

Item 4. Discussion of SW-846 + CLP Approach

This item had been discussed at the 5 April 1999 TIM. Jo Jean would like to use the TNRCC consistency memo as a guideline even though the requirements might be different than the AFCEE QAPP’s requirements. Jo Jean stated that since the consistency memo made no mention of CLP + SW-846 mix and match, there is no reason to use the mix and match approach. Jo Jean noted that the memo treated CLP and SW846 as two very different methods. Parsons agreed to look into the requirements set forth in the memo. Jo Jean would also like to use the flags specified in the memo and disregard the AFCEE flags. It was later agreed that, at this point, it is too late to talk with O’Brien and Gere and APPL labs about switching AFCEE flags. It was concluded that AFCEE flags would be used for the projects. At this time the requirements set forth in the AFCEE QAPP (version 3.0) will be used at O’Brien and Gere and APPL labs with AFCEE approved variances to the QAPP. However, Parsons and AFCEE will look into revising the flagging system in the future.

Item 5. Soil Disposition Memo from Ken Rice (Parsons ES)

Ken Rice provided a draft memo on disposition of the soils piles at CSSA. A corrective action management unit (CAMU) will probably be addressed under the EPA Consent Order. Jo Jean said that she is most interested in treatment trains.

Item 6. RL33 Soil Piles

Jo Jean and Brian require a cost estimate to provide cost overruns to AMC. Vendor information and exact costs will be necessary to evaluate the cost overruns. Julie and Ken will discuss the costs and send an estimate to Jo Jean and Brian.

Agreed Upon Actions

Parsons ES:

Prepare a corrected RL list for final submittal to CSSA and AFCEE. (Final corrected list of RLs was submitted to AFCEE and CSSA along with a draft letter requesting TNRCC approval of several items. After AFCEE and CSSA approved the list and the letter, it was sent to TNRCC on July 12, 1999. TNRCC approved all items in the letter, including the RLs, on October 5, 1999.)

Upon AFCEE’s and CSSA’s approval, Parsons ES will submit the final proposed list for soil and water RLs to EPA and TNRCC for review and approval. (RLs were provided to TNRCC in July 12, 1999 letter; TNRCC approved RLs on
October 5, 1999. RLs were provided to EPA on September 24, 1999 during a meeting at CSSA).

Provide the items listed above under #2 at the meeting with TNRCC. (All items listed above under #2 were provided to TNRCC formally along with the July 12, 1999 letter. As stated above, TNRCC approved all requests in the letter on October 5, 1999.)

Provide a cost estimate for removal of excavated soil at CSSA. (Cost estimate was provided in late May, prior to the June and July removal of excavated soil.)