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Attachment 5

March 11, 1999 - GIS and Web Site Handouts


CSSA Web Site Design – Project Workplan

  1. Create Design Document

  1. Define Site Goals

  1. Ask Questions
  2. Filter the Answers to Create Goals
  3. Rank Goals
  4. Create master list of goals
  5. Goals approved
  1. User Experience

  1. Define the Audience
  1. Use answers from before
  2. Categorize audience
  3. Rank audiences
  4. Create audience list
  5. Most important needs and goals for each audience
  6. Rank need and goals
  7. Create needs and goals list
  1. Create Scenarios
  1. Construct audience group that represent majority of visitors
  2. Create a visitor with name, and task (from needs and goals list)
  3. Write story about how visitor accomplishes task using web site
  1. Comparative Analysis Summary
  1. Review web sites of organizations with similar mission statements
  1. Generate features and criteria to evaluate at each site
  1. Use our site’s goals as features to look for
  2. Criteria
Download time
Page size
Look and feel
  1. Comparison matrix (Use checks or range (1-10))
  1. Document results
  1. Pros and Cons of each web site
  2. Notes and Screen shots
  1. Comparative Analysis (Appendix)
  1. Site Content

  1. Define content
Copyright notices
Privacy statements
Membership rules
Proposed schedules and milestones
Project status
  1. Functional Requirements
GIS Maps
Member logon pages
Signup pages for email newsletters
Pages involving forms or transactions
  1. Content Grouping and Labeling
Content inventory summary
Content grouping and labeling conventions
  1. Content Inventory (appendix)
  1. Site Structure

  1. Site Structure Listing
  2. Architectural Blueprints
Visual representation of the site structure
  1. Global and Local Navigation Systems
  1. Visual design

  1. Layout Grids
  2. Design Sketches
  3. Page Mock-ups
  4. Web-based Prototype
  1. Create Web Site for Internal Review
  2. Publish Web Site

CSSA Web Site  - Goals Definition

Please write down information to help define the goals of the CSSA Web site.

  1. “The primary mission of CSSA is the receipt, storage, issue, and maintenance of ordnance materiels (Army, 1971).“ If it is different, please add to or revise this mission for CSSA:

  2. Please list short-term goals of the CSSA web-site:

  3. Please list long-term goals of the CSSA web-site:

  4. Who are the intended audiences? (CSSA Staff, AFCEE, EPA, TNRCC, General public...)

  5. Why will people visit the site?

  6. Additional comments:

 Thanks - Your input will help to create a better product for CSSA.