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Meeting Minutes - Facility Investigations and Closure Projects

Attachment 3 - Example RFI Work Plans

RFI Work Plan Addendum SWMU B-5

Previous Investigations (Updated):  A geophysical survey was conducted in May 1995 at all “open” areas within a 2,000-foot radius of Well 16.  Three anomalies were found, and are included as AOC 41. Anomaly A is subtle and is not related to known surface/subsurface features.  Anomaly B is the largest and may be related to additional underground metal piping or fragments.  Anomaly C is associated with a burn pit at the site.  In June and July 1995, twelve soil gas survey samples were collected and analyzed for chlorinated and aromatic volatile organics.  PCE was the only target analyte detected.

Data Needs:  Analytical data for surface and subsurface soils.

Closure Activities:  The following activities constitute an initial investigation of AOC 41.  This work will be completed as part of the requirements under the RCRA 3008(h) Order:

  1. Six soil borings will be drilled to characterize the subsurface soils surrounding the area.  One boring will be completed in anomaly A, two borings will be completed in anomaly B and three borings will be completed in anomaly C.  Three soil samples will be collected from each boring; one at the surface, one at the middle of the boring and one at the total depth.  The total depth of each boring will be approximately 10 feet or until 2 feet is drilled into the bedrock.  Each sample will be analyzed for VOCs and metals.

  2. In addition, seven surface grab samples will be collected to characterize surface soils surrounding the area.  Three surface samples will be collected from each oblong mound, and one surface sample will be collected from the circular mound discovered during the geophysical anomaly event.  Each sample will be analyzed for VOCs and metals.

  3. Water is not expected to be encountered in the borings at the site.  However, if water is discovered in any of the soil borings, all borings will be sampled and may be completed as groundwater monitoring wells as detailed in Section 2.4.1 of the Work Plan Overview.  Groundwater will be sampled, where present and each sample will be analyzed for VOCs and metals identified in the soil samples.

  4. IDW will be handled as specified in the FSP.

  5. If the results of the above work indicate that the site can be closed under RRS1 without any further remediation, a technical/closure report will be prepared in accordance with TNRCC closure requirements.

Rifle Management Unit 1 - Chronology of Actions/Investigations




Action Performed By

Project Number

Unknown to Present


Large (approximately 67 acres), active firing range.  Historical usage included a light gauge railroad in the northern portion of the range used for target practice.  Field survey indicated many small rockets and spent ammunition.  Also used to conduct quality checks on assorted munitions.

Parsons ES

Order 67



No work planned; site is still active.



RFI Work Plan Addendum - Rifle Management Unit 1

Previous Investigations:  The site is a large active rifle range area in the east pasture.  A field survey indicated miscellaneous spent ammunition and small rockets.

Data Needs:  None at this time.

Closure Activities: None; site is still active.