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CSSA Comments on Volumes 1 & 2

Environmental Encyclopedia


Page Number




Need to add RMU 1.  Although not a site at the present time for cleanup, it is an active site????


RMU 4 has a picture, not RMU 3.


Other Plans should be added, and their respective dates.  HWMP, ISCP, INCRMP, SPCC, Archeological Survey and Testing, Waste Minimization, EA, ICUZ.  What about the Air Permit, NPDES/TPDES, etc.  Master list of plans and permits, when they were approved and when they need to be renewed.


B-14??  Picture is AOC 48 in AOC book.  I believe B-14 is west of AOC 48.

Site Location Map

Need to sit down with Dave et. al. To get locations of SWMUs and AOCs in better locations.  Add wells to the title?  Offsite wells add?


RMUs?  Need to be added on this page.

Investigation Matrix

Should we use RCRA terms?



Photograph is of AOC 61 not B-1.

B-9, Figure B-9-1

AOC-44 map?


Tab for AOC B-14

Maybe?  AOC 14 not B-14 East Pasture?

Tab for AOC 63

Does not exist


Tabs for QAPP ver. 1, 2, & 3

If the QAPP needs to be in the encyclopedia then smaller tabs for Version 1.0 and 2.0, etc. should be placed into this volume for easier reference.  If they are not placedin the encyclopedia than copies of the various editions/version should be prvided when the final encyclopedia is delivered.


Table of Contents

Place a table of contents after list of relevant reports and before introduction?