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Meeting Minutes
Camp Stanley Storage Activity

Date:   July 24, 1997

Time:  10:30 am

Place:   Camp Stanley Storage Activity (CSSA), Texas 

Subject:  Environmental Projects to Date Conducted by Parsons ES

UST Investigations

UST Phase II and III Assessments

Groundwater monitoring at the UST sites was continued through 1995 when the state agreed that CSSA sites could discontinue monitoring due to the lack of contamination indications.

F-14 Assessment

Environmental Tank Compliance

Groundwater Evaluation

UST Closures

Environmental Assessment (EA)

SWMU Closure Investigations

SWMU Closures/Integrated Waste Mgmt. Plan

*  Validate metals data upon regulatory approval of revised background.

*  Complete draft and final SWMU investigation and/or closure reports.

*  Electrokinetics study at O-1 slated for completion in October 1997.


Groundwater Monitoring and Well Installations