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Meeting Minutes
Camp Stanley Storage Activity

Date:   October 17, 1995

Time:  9:00 am

Place:   CSSA, Boerne, Texas

Reference:     Contract F11623-94-D0024, Delivery Order RL17
SOW Para. 3.1.0,  Kick-Off Meeting
Camp Stanley Storage Activity (CSSA) Closures and Integrated Spill and Waste Management Plan
Meeting Minutes 1 (CDRL A007)

Subject:  Kick-off Meeting regarding SWMU Closures and Integrated Spill and Water Management Plan

The meeting was held in the CSSA building 1 conference room, beginning at 0900 hours on October 17, 1995.  The following were in attendance:



Jo Jean Mullen


Rene G. Hefner


Beth Garland


Susan King


Matthew Bowen


Eric Nolte


Rod Chatham

CSSA Director, Special Projects CSSA

Brian Murphy

CSSA, Environmental Officer

Paul B. Oliver

CSSA Chief, Support Div. CSSA

Ernesto J. Perez

Booz Allen & Hamilton, San Antonio

John Stewart

Parsons ES, St. Louis

Susan Roberts

Parsons ES, Austin

Teresa Anderson

Parsons ES, Austin

Ken Rice

Parsons ES, Austin

The purpose of the kick-off meeting was to introduce the contractor to the personnel involved in this delivery order and to discuss the scope of work (SOW) and its requirements.

The kick-off meeting agenda included an introduction of participants, presentation by AMC, AFCEE, CSSA, discussion and clarifications of the SOW, discussions of field oversight, document submission and review requirements, and discussions of chemistry QA/QC and handbook requirements.  The meeting ended with a site tour by Mr. Murphy. The following are minutes of the meeting.

Introduction of Participants

Brian Murphy               CSSA Environmental Officer

Rod Chatham               CSSA Director of Special Projects

Paul Oliver                   CSSA Chief Supplier and Safety Officer

Jo Jean Mullen              AFCEE Restoration Team Chief

Rene Hefner                 AFCEE Environmental Hydrologist

Beth Garland                AFCEE Chemist

Ernesto Perez               Booz, Allen & Hamilton, SETA contractor for AFCEE

Susan King                   AMC Contract Officer

Eric Nolte                     AMC Contract Specialist

Matthew Bowen AMC Contract Specialist

John Stewart                Parsons ES Program Manager

Susan Roberts              Parsons ES Project Manager

Teresa Anderson Parsons ES Task Manager for Low Priority SWMU Closures and Integrated Waste Management Plan

Ken Rice                      Parsons ES Task Manager for Medium Priority SWMU Closures



The duties and responsibilities of the Customer, Contractor, QAE and Contracting Officer are listed below:

Susan King, as the AMC Contracting Officer, is the only person authorized to make contract changes. 

Eric Nolte and Matt Bowen are AMC contract specialists and will work with Jo Jean Mullen in regards to contract services.

Jo Jean Mullen, QAE, will be responsible for monitoring progress and performance of the contractor.

John Stewart as Parsons ES program manager is responsible for completion of SOW.  Also noted are the 75% expenditure notification and any field changes required.


Brian Murphy indicated that CSSA is a 4,000-acre site that is “closed” due to munitions storage.  General locations of bunkers and some of the SWMUs along with well 16 were indicated on a CSSA well map.

Jo Jean questioned as to the direction of groundwater flow, which is to the southeast.

Brian stated that work in or around the active ranges in the east pasture would require pre-notification.  Most of the time there would be no conflicts, if the contractor gives notice well in advance.

Clarifications of Statement of Work

1.          Regarding technical report submittals, para 7.0 (SOW page 11 of 15), all parties agreed for Parsons ES to submit 45 days from completion of technical efforts at each SWMU.

2.          AMC/AFCEE to amend the SOW (pages 9 and 11 of 15) to correct the paragraph reference to the Preliminary Laboratory Review Packages.

3.          Regarding the clarification of the scope, para 1.1.1 (SOW page 2 of 15),  all parties agree the objective of the project is closure of SWMUs as stated in the title of SOW.

4.          Regarding work plan guidance from the “Handbook”, para 5.0.2 (SOW page 8 of 15),  all parties agreed that the Handbook should be used as a guidance where necessary and appropriate.  No written correspondence will be provided when deviation from guidance document is warranted for SWMU closures under State regulations.  Jo Jean indicated that AFCEE would like to be involved upfront on the scoping of the workplan and SAP, and requested a meeting at Parsons ES.  A meeting was tentatively set for Friday October 27, 1995 to discuss workplan and SAP development and guidance.

5.          Regarding collection of groundwater samples, ecological samples, and trenching for extent characterization, para (SOW page 6 of 15),  all parties agreed that groundwater sampling from existing CSSA water wells is not included in this effort.  Also, ecological samples and trenching or test pits are not expected for the closure efforts but, if warranted, Parsons ES will provide proposed actions, justifications, and cost estimates.

6.          Regarding Health and Safety Plan (HASP) para 5.0.4 (SOW page 8 of 15),  all parties agreed that amendments to the HASP should be added as necessary throughout the project.

7.          Regarding list of names to be provided, para 9.2.1 (SOW page 13 of 15),  all parties agreed that the requirements specified by para 9.2.1 should be fulfilled before start of any field work.

8.          Regarding work by performed by US citizens only, para 9.2.2 (SOW page 13 of 15), Susan King will check contract.  She indicated that such personnel must be approved via letter of request.  CSSA must approve person as well.

9.          Regarding request for Parsons ES approval of 50 hr work weeks during field activities,  CSSA indicated that only straight time pay will be authorized, no work will be done on federal holidays or weekends, and  work stops promptly at 1600 hrs on Fridays.

10.          Regarding the use of latest versions of MS Word and MS Excel,  all parties agreed to allow utilization of the latest versions of electronic software.


Brian Murphy had concerns about the protocol of exclusion zone setup and the protection of CSSA employees.  Parsons ES indicated that if exclusion zones are necessary for the purposed work, the exclusion zones will be documented and sent to all parties.

Jo Jean indicated that contract field oversight will be performed by AFCEE and Booz, Allen & Hamilton.  A list of all AFCEE, AMC, Booz, Allen & Hamilton personnel will be provided before field work begins.  AFCEE/ERC personnel will discuss and debrief Parsons ES field personnel on pertinent issues as appropriate.  Booz, Allen & Hamilton personnel will provide surveillance input only to AFCEE.

Rene Hefner, AFCEE, requested that any deviations from the workplan or SAP that may have geological or hydrogeologic implications be discussed with him.

Jo Jean will provide financial status tracking to CSSA.  The analysis includes evaluation of schedule, man hours, performance and cost, and ODCs, and concludes with a risk evaluation of the project.  She noted that AFCEE oversees projects for quality, schedule and budget so that their clients (CSSA) can present technical work to regulators without undue concerns.

Beth Garland provided discussion of chemistry QA/QC requirements.  AFCEE would be interested in a meeting with Parsons ES and the laboratory subcontractor personnel when appropriate to discuss the SAP (see Clarification No. 4 above).  AFCEE indicated that Parsons ES should follow the “Handbook” fairly closely on the SAP and that AFCEE does have different protocols than the EPA SW-846 methods.  Also, AFCEE noted that the QAD is one of the most important documents in their oversight of projects..

Jo Jean discussed the requirements for document submission and the subsequent review.  AFCEE will send documents to specialists for review. Booz, Allen & Hamilton will provide stringent review, with AFCEE/ERC review slightly less stringent.  Jo Jean will incorporate all appropriate comments and provide to AMC, CSSA, and Parsons ES.  Parsons ES will provide written response to all comments.  The response should provide discussion and/or justification concerning commented issue.  If all are in agreement with comment and no discussion is necessary Parsons ES will briefly acknowledge that agreement.  CSSA will have final determination on finalizing documents.  All parties agreed that if an SOW deliverable date is on a Sunday, then the deliverable is approved to be delivered on Monday.

Brian discussed CSSA concerns over “big picture” for SWMU closures.  He asked if this contract handles remediations - it does not.  Jo Jean noted that AFCEE does have remediation contracts.  Also, AFCEE Technology Transfer may have input on CSSA’s questions regarding remediation of chlorinated hydrocarbons in rock.

Jo Jean recommended a teleconference over TNRCC “teaming” on the project SWMU closures.  Susan Roberts noted that TNRCC has been slow to respond to CSSA requests for input.  This will be further discussed between CSSA, AFCEE, and Parsons ES.

Site Visit

Brian Murphy escorted AFCEE and Parsons ES personnel around various SWMUs.  A listing of the visited SWMUs are presented below:

        SWMU(s)        Notes


Sewer line with sand/projectiles in pipe bedding.  Time placed, length, and exact location not known to CSSA.


Work already accomplished (drilling with sampling, geophysical, soil-gas).


Observed trench in creek side.  Work to date = geophysical, soil gas, drilling/sampling.

B-3, O-1

Hot spots for groundwater contamination identified by previous investigations

B-30, B-29

May have asbestos


Unknown location


Has burned cedar in area.


Two trenches; anomalies found in previous investigations.

B-7, B-1

No anomalies identified in previous investigations.

[No I.D.]

Nickel penetrate located east of quarry.

B-31, B-33

Coal bin


Box of sand and projectiles located on surface

Meeting adjourned 1630 hrs.