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Environmental Assessment

Section 9 - List of Preparers and Project Organization

The following personnel played major roles in the conduct of the EA and the preparation of the EA report.

R. C. Wooten, Ph.D.

Technical director

R. Palachek

Project manager

L. Aurelius

Deputy project manager

T. Anderson

Land use

S. Cameron

Air quality and asbestos

S. Roberts

Soils and geology, water resources and storage tanks

C. McCulloch, P.E.

Water resources

S. Rust*

Biological resources

M.D. Petraglia, Ph.D.; M. Pappas; J.G. Artemel

Cultural resources

K. Malina

Hazardous material/waste management

A. Davis, P.E.


C. McCulloch, P.E.


*Subcontractor (Stewardship Services)