Plans and information including background information, correspondence, current conditions, work plans, site maps, and field sampling plans.

Information including background metals and soils types at CSSA, and a statistical analysis of background levels of the metals at the site.

Chronologies, maps, and investigation results for the solid waste management units, areas of concern, and rifle management units.

A list of relevant documents prior to December 1996, and additional reports regarding alternative treatment tests, studies, and technologies used at CSSA.

Chronology of groundwater-related environmental activities, and quarterly groundwater monitoring reports. 

Documents related to or required by the 3008(h) Administrative Order on Consent.


                                                                      *Volume 6: Not Used


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About this site

The environmental encyclopedia for the Camp Stanley Storage Activity (CSSA) was created to serve as the administrative record and to compile all of the documentation for the environmental activities at CSSA into one comprehensive document. This website includes the text, tables, and figures from the hard copy of the encyclopedia, but also provides convenient links to keywords, definitions, and sites and areas of concern at CSSA.

Updated July 2021